Tola and Karolina, heart and soul of Subjective Guide.

Friends of 16 years and serial backpackers. Traveled to over 40 countries together and plan to hit 100 before our 30th birthday. Both studied Philosophy as a second degree and are undercover film enthusiasts.

        Subjective Guide is an initiative coming from our true need of exploring. During our travels, we struggled to optimize our travel choices and find places tailored to our needs. That is how we came up with an idea to create a channel for those who dare to dive deeper and discover the world. Peer-to-peer recommendations delivered in an intuitive and design-oriented form. 




We believe in individuality and want to push others to find their own paths while traveling and share it with others to create a community of endless inspiration. 



humor:  We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.

resourcefulness: Give us a challenge and we will somehow figure it out. It is just a superpower of ours. 

boldness: We come up with “crazy” ideas and make them come true. Being bold in pursuing your calling regardless of what others say.

kindness: We are kind to one another.  We want to be treated with respect as we respect others.

Ideals: We are set to succeed but we won’t do anything we 100% don’t stand for/believe in.


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